Department of Computer systems and networks


Research theme of the department is creation of new computer and integrated management systems, synchronization of digital telecommunication networks, the development of the conceptual principles of the formation of the national synchroinformation system of Ukraine.

"Prospects for the development of their own scientific research NPP Department of Computer Systems and Networks."

The first head of the department was Valery Lakhno, who proved the information of the dean about the necessity of compulsory conducting of his own scientific research by the teachers of the department of computer systems and networks. He presented the prospect of his own research, namely, in the direction of "Recognition of cyberattacks and designing decision-support systems in cybersecurity tasks." In this direction, he published 31 articles in the Scopus database.

The scientific and pedagogical staff of the department are constantly engaged in scientific research in the context of their scientific preference:

Associate Professor Vadim Shkarupilo - in his research, he uses research methods - formal methods as an automated verification tool; temporal logics as a means of creating formal models. Areas of application - composite web services, Internet of things. Plans to continue in the foreground with the following publications in professional editions.

Associate Professor Boris Gusev continues the study of CAD digital devices, automation of technological processes, control and diagnostics of digital devices.

Associate Professor Victor Smoliy investigates geoinformation technologies in agrarian sphere and systems of operational visualization of objects of agrarian enterprises.

Associate Professor Tetyana Osipova - uses scientific methods for the application of statistical methods for research in agronomy, biotechnology and bioengineering in scientific research.

Associate Professor Andriy Blozva has the main purpose of seeing work devoted to cyber security of computer networks, data protection and personal information. Engaged in data security in IOT systems and large Smart City, robotics for agriculture. The task for the year A. Blozva sees the development of robotics for the agro-industrial complex and the foundations of security in the computer networks of the new generation.

Professor Volodymyr Malyukov works in the field of application of game approaches for the creation of mathematical models for solving the problems of financing new technologies for SMARTCITY.

Senior lecturer Yuri Matus continues work in the direction of computer network administration and the use of computer hardware hardware.

Associate Professor Dmitry Kasatkin plans to develop Smart City Development Decision Support System.

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