Department of Landscape Ecology and Protected Areas

Address: 08152, Kiev region., Kiev Svyatoshinsky district., Boyarka 2 town, st. Agricultural College, 1, building No 2, r. 208.

Tel.: (044) 406-08-13

Head of the Department (в.о.):
Pavlyuk Sergey Dmitrievich

The department was established by order of the Rector NAU № 700 dated 17.11.2005 of the founders of the Department is the director of the Institute of Environment and Biotechnology MD Melnychuk, Dean of Faculty of Ecology and Biotechnology, NM Ridey, director of NAU GSP "Boyarsky College of Environment and Natural Resources' S. Kropyvko. Located in the department VP NUBiP Ukraine "Boyarsky College of Ecology and Natural Resources", Kyiv region Kiev Sviatoshynsky area, order number 628 of 6.11.2007r.
The chair is designed to create environmental outlook for future environmentalists and skills to control the level of pollution.
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