Department of Storage, Processing and Plant Production

Address: 03041, Kiev, str. Heroyiv Oborony, 13, r. 78

Tel.: (044) 527-86-76, (044) 527-81-93

E-mail: [email protected]

Head of storage, processing and plant product standardization prof. B.V. Lesik department:
Hrygoriy Podpryatov

candidate of agricultural sciences, professor

The department was founded June 28, 1968 (the Ukrainian Order of the Red Banner of  Agricultural Academy № 301 from 28 June 1968), headed the department of a prominent scientist, teacher, doctor of agricultural sciences, professor Lesyk Boris. His name was given to the department in 1995.
Prior to the establishment of the department in different years course "Technology storage and Vegetables" read professor A.APiontkovsky (from 1922 to 1941), associate professor V.ATurkin (until 1947), V.LSnizhko, professor B.V. Lesyk. Since its inception, it has consistently led the department - professor B.V. Lesyk (1968-1987 years), associate professor V.S. Hylevych (1987-2002 years), professor G.I Podpryatov (2002-2004), associate professor L.F. Skaletska (2004-2009), professor L.M. Homichak (2009-2010). Since 2010, the department successfully managed by professor H.I Podpryatov.
Now at the department: Podpryatov H.I., Homichak L.M., associate professor Skaletska LF, associate professor Maciejko L.M., associate professor Rozhko V.I., associate professor Voitsekhivskiy V.I., associate professor Gunko S.M., associate professor Bober A.V., associate professor Zavadskaya O.V., associate professor Zavgorodniy V.M., associate professor Nasikovskyy V.A., associate Yashchuk N.A., head of laboratory. Boiko T.M., head of laboratory Antonenko N., senior technicians Yablonska L.P., Novick V.I., technician Deshkant I.P.
The main objectives of the department are to fulfill educational, scientific, implementing and advisory functions in post-harvest handling, storage, processing and standardization of crop production.
The department has considerable use: only in the last 20 years  published 12 textbooks, 30 manuals, 50 guidelines, prepared by 3 doctors and 68 candidates, more than 800 graduate and more than 60 masters.
The staff of the department for 44 years have made  a significant contributions to science, prepared 8 books, received 14 patents, 10 certificates, 2 grants medals at international and specialized exhibitions.


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