Faculty food technologies and quality management of products of agricultural produkts

Master Degree Programs

     Faculty of Food Technology and Quality Control of Agricultural Products provides a continuous and coherent organization of educational and training process for the degree system of education in accordance with applicable laws and regulatory documents.
     Basic components of quality students education at the faculty are: constant control of education, research support and professional training of personnel.

Faculty training educational levels (TEL), Bachelor and Master.

direction"Food Technology"specialty"Technology of storage, preservation and processing of meat"



"Technology of storage and processing of aquatic resources"



"Quality, standardization and certification"
Training termTraining term 
Full-time3 years10 months
Full-time1,5 years
Correspondence form5 academic yearsCorrespondence form2 years




Masters program of industrial specialization
  • Technologies of storage, canning and meat processing. Coordinator - PhD, Professor. Lebska T.K. 
  • Technology of storage and processing of aquatic resources. Coordinator - PhD, Professor. Lebska T.K. 
  • Quality, standardization and certification. Coordinator – Assoc. prof. Novozhilova Ye.V.


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