Research Institute of Land Use and Law Regulation of Property and Land Relations

Address: 03040, Ukraine, Kyiv, Vasylkivska str., 17, room. 303

E-mail: [email protected]

The head:
Victor V. Ladychenko

Doctor of Law, Professor


Scientific and research work has been focused on its structural units - chairs and departments since the creation of the Department of Land Management (1996) and Educational Research Institute of law and pedagogy (2001). Increase in the number of students, employees, masters and postgraduate, establishment of doctoral postgraduate contributed to increasing the level of scientific research, the rejuvenation of staff, the emergence of state budget and economical projects. All these factors resulted in creation of Scientific and Research Institute of land use and regulation of property and land relations (2008), which coordinates scientific research work of employees, students, doctoral postgraduate students, postgraduate students, bachelor degree students and master degree students. Scientific and Research Institute of land use and regulation of property and land relations was created in the accordance with the decision Academic Council of NAU (protocol number 10 dated June 30, 2008) by the Rector's order № 446 of 10.07.2008). The main objectives of the research work of the Institute: solving problems of land valuation, land cadastre, GIS support of land reform, optimization of land use and soil protection, training for research work in the field of Land Management and land protection, research legal issues of food security, environmental security, legal biotechnology and genetic engineering research in the field of energy law. Scientific and research work is performed by 67 researchers, including 14 doctors, 2 academicians and corresponding members of the Academy of Agrarian Sciences, 53 candidates of science.
Scientific subjects focused on solving urgent problems of agricultural science and land management, land evaluation, land cadastre, environmental modeling, forecasting crop productivity through the use of remote sensing data, legal sustainable development of agricultural production, administrative and legal framework for the nature resource sphere.

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