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Address: 95492, Ukraine, AR of Crimea, Simferopol, settlement of Agrarnoye

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PhD, Professor, Honoured Educational Worker of Ukraine, Academician of Technological Sciences of Ukraine

     The educational establishment originated as Agronomy Department at the Tavrida University in 1918. The Institute of Agricultural Sciences was founded in 1922 and the Institute of Special Cultures – in 1923.
Professor Sergey Vasiliovich Krains’kiy became First Rector of the Crimean Institute of Agricultural Sciences.
     In 1936 the Institute of Special Cultures got the title of the Crimean Agrarian Institute that received the land of the educational and training farm “Komunar” in 1965
     In 1997 the institute got the title of the Crimean National Agrarian University according to the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine. Pribrezhnenskiy state-farm-college and the Crimean college of hydro melioration and mechanization of agriculture were included into the structure of the Crimean National Agrarian University and in 2002 the Crimean Agritechnological College and its branch – Bakhchisaray Building College were also included into the structure of the university.
    In 2003 the Crimean Agritechnological University was established according to the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine and Scientific-Research Institute of Seed-growing in its structure on the base of the Agrarian University.
    In 2004 the university was included into the structure of the National Agrarian University as the Southern Branch “Crimean Agritechnological University” of the National Agrarian University (SB “CATU” of NAU).
    In 2008 SB “CATU” of NAU was transformed into the Southern Branch of the National University of Life and Environment Sciences of Ukraine “Crimean Agritechnological University” (Order of the National University of Life and Environment Sciences of Ukraine # 827 from 15.12.2008).
    In the Southern Branch there are 1157 employees. The educational process is conducted by 310 scientific-pedagogical staff (42 – Doctors of Sciences and professors, 199 – PhD and associate professors, 19 – Honoured Science and Educational Workers, 15 – academicians and corresponding member of different Academies).
There are 6 departments, 34 chairs and 19 their structural subdivisions at the agricultural and industrial enterprises, organizations and scientific and researching institutions in the structure of the Southern Branch.
     SB NUBiP of Ukraine  “CATU” trains specialists on the following specialities: Veterinary medicine, Agronomy, Forestry, Hunting, and Landscape design ; Economy of enterprise, Economical cybernetics; Accounting and audit; Finance and Credit; Management of enterprise; Food processing and engineering; Geodesy, map-making and land-making; Processes, machines, devices of complex industrial, technology of cattle-breeding products.
     This training process is accomplished on the following educational system: Bachelor, Specialist, Master for the full-time and external students.
     The training of the Masters of “CATU” is accomplished in 10 specialities.
     The educational process is organized in such a way that the second-year students have the opportunity to get another diploma of economics.
     The reducing of educational term is gained by the form of credit transferring already passed subjects.
     The graduates of the educational establishment are taught by the reducing term and can get a Bachelor diploma for 2-3 years.
     The teaching of post-graduate students and Doctors of Science is approved by specialized Board of Science on the following specialities: 05.05.11- Machines and mechanical devices of agricultural process; 06.01.09- Plant growing; 06.01.08- Selection and seed growing;
     The educational establishment carries out the scientific research activity on the following branches:
·         improvement of technology of formation highly productive phitosynoses of agricultural crops and efficient using of bioresources potential of plant growing in Crimea.
·         improvement and elaboration of energy saving technologies for processing of agricultural products.
·         elaboration of veterinary providing and production of biologically and ecologically safe products of cattle breeding under the efficient using of Crimean bioresources.
·         rationale and engineering of technological, constructive and operational setting ecology-saving agricultural machines elements for them.
·         studying of biodiversity, using and saving of plant and animal resources in the South of Ukraine.
·         elaboration of innovative technologies and improvement of breeding field, essential, medical and ornamental plants and vines.
·         improvement of the land-management system of the Crimea aimed to efficient nature management improvement and bioresources profection.
·         elaboration of economic mechanics of innovation and investment assurance of the Crimean agricultural development , efficient management of technological processes and management decisions basing in agrarian structures.
The structure of
National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine
Crimean Agritechnological University

Scientific-training centers
Agronomy department
Department of mechanization of production and technology of crops processing
Department of veterinary medicine
Department of forestry, hunting and landscape design
Department of land management and geodesy
Economic department
Scientific-training methodical center
Scientific-training computer and TV-system centers
Scientific-training humane center

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