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International Scientific Electronic Journal "Earth Bioresources and Life Quality"

International Scientific Electronic Journal "Earth Bioresources and Life Quality" is launched by National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine (NULES of Ukraine) together with Global Consortium of Higher Education and Research for Agriculture (GCHERA).

The key aim of this journal is to bring together Life Sciences' and Agricultural Universities in order to concentrate their common efforts in solving a wide range of problems.

Scientific Journal "Scientific Reports of NULES of Ukraine"

The journal focuses on research done in genetics, biology, biotechnology, science, agronomy, technology of production and processing of animal products, veterinary medicine, quality and safety of agricultural products, processing and storage of products, forestry, mechanization, electrification and automation, economics and organization of agricultural production, environmental economics, education, agrarian law, social sciences, humanities and philology.

Collection of Scientific Papers "Scientific Bulletin of the National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine"

The collection covers the results of research in agriculture.

Agrarian Portal "The Agricultural Sector of Ukraine"

The portal "The Agricultural Sector of Ukraine" is the foundation of a national remote information and advisory system in agriculture and agrarian science and education. The portal "The Agricultural Sector of Ukraine" is developed by scientists and experts of the National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine, of the research institutes of the Academy of Agrarian Sciences of Ukraine and of other institutions and organizations. The purpose of the portal is to develop a universal and comprehensive information resource meeting the needs in agricultural information, reference, technical, technological, economic, marketing and other fields of interest of agricultural producers, commercial organizations, advisory institutions, researchers, teachers, students and other users.

Education and Information Portal

The work of the portal is organized on the basis of distance learning platform MOODLE (Modular Object Oriented Distance Learning Environment). Using the system the student can remotely --  via the Internet—get acquainted with the educational materials (text, video, animation, presentation, manual), complete the tasks and  have them checked, pass electronic testing. The tutor has the opportunity to create his own e-courses and provide correspondence training, send messages to the students, distribute, collect and check the tasks, keep electronic register, customize various course resources, etc. Access to the educational resources of the portal of NULES of Ukraine is personified. Login and password are obtained by the students and scholars from the server administrator or the employee of the appropriate education and research institute who is responsible for the implementation of information, communication and distance learning technologies.

Institutional Repository

The repository contains:

·     scientific articles of the teaching staff of NULES of Ukraine;

·     scientific articles of masters of NULES of Ukraine;

·     authors’ abstracts of theses defended at NULES of Ukraine;

·     materials of conferences held at NULES of Ukraine;

·     master papers of master students of NULES of Ukraine;

·     instructional materials for support  of the educational process at NULES of Ukraine;

·     description of free e-courses of NULES of Ukraine;

·     standards (Codex Alimentarius, ISO, Standard of Organization of Ukraine, State Standards of Ukraine);

·     patents  of NULES of Ukraine;

Agrarian Free Encyclopaedia

The main aim of the encyclopaedia is to harmonize scientific knowledge by organizing collective interaction. Encyclopaedia includes materials for correspondence learning, self-study, and standards supplemented with the experts’ comments and links to internal and external resources.


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