Department of the entrepreneurship and agribusiness organization


The Entrepreneurship and Agribusiness Organization department supports study process in the Educational-Scientific Institute of Postgraduate Education, the Education and Research Institute of Energetics and Automatics, Faculty of Livestock Science and Water Bioresources, Faculty of Information Technologies, Faculty of Agricultural Management and Faculty of Economics.
The disciplines of the department:
  1. Organization and Planning of Production in Agrarian Formations
  2. Organization of Production
  3. Organization of Agribusiness
  4. Production Management
  5. Internal Economic Mechanism of Agricultural Companies
  6. Designing of Entrepreneurship
  7. Business Planning of Entrepreneurship in Agriculture
  8. Potential of Company: Formation and Estimation.
  9. Production Economy
  10. Intellectual Property
  11. Strategy of Entrepreneurship
  12. Costs Management
 The department has co-operation with many scientific and research institutes of National Academy of Sciences, National Academy of Agrarian Sciences of Ukraine, universities in foreign countries.
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