Labour Economics and Social Development


Head of the Department 
Oleksandr E. Yermakov, Doctor of Economic Sciences, professor, Honored Economist of Ukraine 

Established in 1972 as a Department of Scientific Organization of Labor. Its first head became a famous scientist-educator, Doctor of Economic Sciences, Professor, Honored Scientist of Ukraine Deonysiy Hryhorovych.


The academic staff of the Department of Labour Economics and Social Development, 2016
Photo: first row (left to right): Assistant Kostiuk T. O., Associate Professor Havryliuk I. P.,
Professors Tereschenko V. K., Yermakov O. E., Associate Professor Hrebennikova A. A.
Bottom row: Associate Professors Yarkovyy A. O., Balan O. D., Senior Lecturer Kovalenko L. V.,
Senior Lecturer Nahorny V. V., Senior Laboratory Assistant Parshenko V. V., Associate Professor
Tkachuk V. A., Assistant Dziuba T. A., Associate Professor Ostapchuk A. D., Laboratory Assistant
Pyschyk J. D., Associate Professors Lanchenko E. O., Associate Professor Moroziuk N. V.

Due to the urgent necessity to solve the problems of social and economic development of the rural areas at the beginning of the 20th century, the Department was renamed into the Department of Agrarian Sociology and Development of Rural Areas. 
In 2013-2014 it has been integrated part of the joint Department of Economics of the Enterprise. Since April, 2014, the Department has received the title of the Department of Labor Economics and Development of the Rural Territories.
Since November 2015, the Head of the Department is Professor, Honored Economist of Ukraine, Oleksandr E. Yermakov. The area of his scientific activity is the organizational and economic principles of efficient management in agriculture.
The main purpose of the Department at the present stage is to prepare specialists of ED "Bachelor" within the specialty "Economics" and ED "Master" for
Master's program "Labour Economics and Social Partnership" via formation of fundamental knowledge of the theory and practice of labor economics in agro-industrial sector of Ukraine and the professional competences in different functional areas of the economy that provide highly professional staff for the national economy.
The employees of the Department carry out in-depth research of the actual problems of labor and production improvement, the study of the mechanisms of law observation, scientific development of practical recommendations for their implementation.
Currently, 15 members of the academic staff work at the Department, including 2 Doctors of Economic Sciences, 9 Associate Professors, Candidates of Economic Sciences and 3 Assistants. Today, the Department is presented by experienced and ambitious young scientific and academic staff.
Apart from the training of Bachelor and Master students, the Department carries out thorough training of personnel of higher qualification through postgraduate and doctoral studies. Over the years of the department’ functioning, more than 110 Candidate and 16 Doctoral theses have been defended. Professors O. Yermakov, V. Tereshchenko, O. Shkilov are the members of Specialized academic councils of Doctoral theses defense.

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