Department of Biology and Game Management Science

Tel.: +38 044 527 82 38

E-mail: [email protected]

Head of Department:
Puzrina Natalia

Candidate of agricultural sciences, Associate Professor


Department of Forest Biology and Game Management Science was created on June 9, 2008, based on the Department of Forest Protection with involvement of Game Management scientists. Ph.D , associate professor Puzrina N. is the Head of the Department since May 2016 .

Currently doctor of agricultural science, Professor A. Hoychuk; Ph.D, associate professor L. Reshetnyk;  Ph.D, associate professor V. Rosenfeld, Ph.D,  associate professor V. Tishchenko, Ph.D,  associate professor I. Davydenko, Ph.D, assistant V. Bilous; Ph.D, assistant I. Kulbanska, laboratory assistants  N. Ribalchenko and S. Shevchenko are working in the department.

Department of Forest Biology and Game Management Science provides education with special courses, which largely determine the professional training of Bachelors and Masters of Forestry and Landscape Architecture, namely Forest Phytopathology, Forest Entomology, Diagnostics of Pathogens and Pests, Plant Phytobacteriology, Forest Pathology, Mixotrophy of Woody Plants, Immunity of Woody Plants, Technologies of Integrate Forest Protection, Mathematical Modeling of Pest and Pathogen Population Dynamics, Biology of Forest Animals and Birds, Biology and Ethology of Game Animals, Forest Zoology, Biotechnology, Game Management and Zoogeographical Zoning, Hunting Resources of Ukraine and the World, Game Animal Population Management.

The scientific work of of the department’s co-workers aims to study the theoretical and practical problems associated with the formation of biologically stable and high  productive forests based on systematic unity of autotrophic and heterotrophic organisms of forest biomes, prevention, protection and rehabilitation of forest stands, the development of game management in Ukraine.


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