Education and Research Institute of Continuing Education

Address: 03041, Kyiv, Heroiv Oborony str., 11, building 10, room. 219.

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Mariya M. Kulayets

PhD, Associate Professor, Honored Economist of Ukraine

The Educational-Scientific Institute of postgraduated education established by the chancellor since December, "20" in 2004 № 598 on the basis of decision of the Academic Council of the University.
Basic structural subdivisions (units) of Institute are:
• Educational-Scientific Center of training and advanced training of specialists in state administration which operates the Department of state administration;
• Educational-Scientific Center of improvement of professional skill and retraining of agricultural and environmental sectors, which operate Department of innovation activity in agriculture, Dept. of agricultural consulting and service, educational laboratory management of innovative activity in the agro-industrial and environmental industries and laboratories of agricultural consulting and service;
• department of organizational and administrative work ;
• training center for senior executives, specialists, pedagogical and scientific workers of the agricultural and environmental industries (on the basis of SE «educational and research bird breeding plant.Frunze»).
Training is conducted in the Institute:
• experts EQL "master" in "Government service" branch of knowledge "State administration";
• EQL "bachelor"-accredited and licensed areas of training.
The Institute is retraining: experts on programs obtaining the second higher education.
The Institute conducts advanced trainings:
• civil servants, managers and specialists of state enterprises, establishments and organizations from the area of knowledge "state administration";
• leading employees and specialists of agricultural and environmental industries;
• scientific-pedagogical and teaching staff of higher educational establishments of Ukraine I-IV levels of accreditation;
• consultants and an expert-advisors.
The educational process is carried out using the material and technical base of the University, and its structural and separated subdivisions (units).


June 18, 2017
НУБіП України


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