Department of Statistics and Economic Analysis

Address: 03041, Ukraine, Kyiv, Heroyv Oborony st., 11, educational building №10, office 602-605

Tel.: (044) 527-82-36

E-mail: [email protected]

Head of the Department::
Savchuk Vasyl Kyrylovich

Doctor of economic science, professor, honored professor of NUBiP of Ukraine


The Department dates back to 1904, when Department of agricultural economy and statistics was created at the Agricultural department of Kiev Polytechnic Institute. Having had undergone various organizational transformations, the current Department of Statistics and Economic Analysis was established in 1973. Until 1975, it was headed by Doctor of Economics, Professor, Academician of NAAS of Ukraine Vladimir Yurchyshyn, since 1975 till 1989 – by PhD in Economics, Associate Professor Mykola Stepanenko, and since 1989 the department is headed by Doctor of Economics, Professor, honored worker of Ukraine Vasyl Savchuk.


    First row (from left to right): senior lecturer Mykhailo M. Guz, associate professor Olena I. Simonenko,head of Department, professor Vasyl K. Savchuk, associate professor Teresa D. Mykytcej, associate professor Anatoliy M. Shysh

    Second row: associate professor Tetyana V. Kuts, associate professor Alla V. Chukhlib, associate professor Oksana G. Makarchuk, associate professor Andriy O. Muzychenko, assistant Lesia R. Voliak, associate professor Tetyana S. Kinyeva, associate professor Volodymir M. Krajewski., assistant Lesya M. Ryabenko



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