Department of Genetics, Breeding and Biotechnology of Animals

Educational work

Educational work at the department is to train professionals in the field of Livestock products production and processing technologies, Veterinary Medicine, Hunting.

The department trains specialists in the degree educational system for qualifying levels of Bachelor and Master:

- EQL Bachelor: students of 2nd and 3rd courses of the department on livestock products production and processing technologies; 1st and 2nd courses of the department on Veterinary Medicine;

- EQL Master for production program Livestock genetic resources of livestock and research programmes on breeding and selection of animals, Biotechnology on specialization in Cynology and Hunting.

Disciplines of the Department at the Faculty of livestock and aquatic bio-resources are the following:

EQL Bachelor

• Introduction to the speciality

• Animals Breeding

• Genetics with biometrics

• Animals’ Reproduction technology

• Bio-technology

EQL Master

• Animals’ Reproduction Bio-technology

• A special selection in livestock

• Informational selection systems in livestock breeding

• Current trends in livestock breeding

• The organization of livestock breeding

• Population genetics

• The genetic resources of livestock

• Special genetics

Disciplines at the Faculty on Veterinary Medicine

EQL Bachelor

• Genetics in Veterinary Medicine

• Genetics in Veterinary Medicine (in English)

• Fundamentals of animals breeding

Level Master

• Innovative technologies of animals feeding, genetics and breeding

Disciplines in the Faculty on Forestry

Level Master

• Breeding and selection of hunting animals

Courses for the speciality Cynology:

• Dogs’ biology

• Breeds and selection of dogs

• Dogs’ renewal

• Fundamentals of dogs’ training

• Special dog breeding

• Management and Marketing in dog breeding

To support the learning process typical programmes, training complexes, textbooks, manuals have been published.

The following laboratories are being operated at the department:

• Selection and breeding;

• Genetics;

• Biotechnology;

• Animals’ renewal technology.

In 2014 employees of the Department published 3 teaching instructions:

1. Osadcha Yu.V. Animals breeding in tests: Tests for self-control and knowledge of the subject Animals breeding for full-time students and part-time teaching of level Bachelor specialty 6.090 102 – Livestock products production and processing technologies / Osadcha Yu.V.; K.: 2014. - 189 p.

2. Osadcha Yu.V. Animals breeding in tests: Tests for self- control and knowledge of the subject Animals breeding for full-time students of EQL Bachelor specialty 6.110 101 - Veterinary Medicine / Yu.V. Osadcha - K, 2014. - 189 p.

            3. Lytvynenko T.V. Parameters of animals’ recruitment and selection in the herd: guidelines on the subject Animals breeding / Lytvynenko T.V., Osadcha Yu.V.; Kyiv, 2014. - 70 p. 

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