Separated subdivision NULESU «Crimean Agroindustrial College»

Адреса: 97517, Autonomous Republic of Crimea, Simferopol region, v. Malenke

Тел.: (0652) 310-672, 325-547

Електронна пошта: [email protected]


Sochenko Victor

Honored Worker of Education of Ukraine, Candidate of Economic Sciences


Educational establishment has a very rich history that includes a few stages:

  • Nikitsky — 102 years (1828-1930);
  • Yaltynsky — 34 years (1930-1964);
  • Modern — 49 years (1964-2013 ).

In 1828 at the basis of Nikitsky Botanical Garden the Magarachske Specialized School of viniculture and wine-making was opened. Experienced teachers and scientists of Nikitsky Garden used all their talent and soul to educate their pupils. Well-known scientists and practical agronomists graduated from this Specialized School.

The Specialized School was awarded with the status of Technical School of Special Cultures for the high level of educational and practical work. In 1964 the Technical School moved from Yalta to village Malenke, Simferopol region and was reorganized in state farm-technical school of Crimean Horticultural Research Station.

Nowadays the modern campus functions and includes the complex of all the necessary educational, productive, cultural and everyday buildings. Students use 4 educational buildings, 7 dormitories, sport hall, and stadium. All the students (full-time and correspondent form of studies) are provided with dormitory, feeding for reduced prices in the college canteen, medical, trading and everyday services.

The lessons take place in 58 educational cabinets and labs that are provided with the equipment and technical devices for studying. 5 computer classes equipped with modern machines and technique function in the College as well as educational bank, training accounting office and training TV studio.

Proceedings of the international accreditation: College booklet, Catalog of specialties, Student guidebook

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