Separated structural subdivision of NUBiP of Ukraine «Boyarka College of Ecology and Natural Resources»

About college

       SS NULES of Ukraine«Boyarka College of Ecology and Natural Resources» is situated in the picturesque place of Kyiv region на at 15 km. from Kyiv. College has 4 training buildings. It has 22504 sq. m. total area, area of training- 10378 sq. m. studying area; hostel has 446 places. There are 16 laboratories; 37 classrooms, 5 computer classrooms with 94 computers; library with reading room for на 80 places; stadium і 2 gyms; canteen, medical room there. College has its own bases for practical training which have 60,597 h of land and 12 units of agricultural machinery. During training practice students can use educational workshops, a greenhouse, the experimental field, a training ground.

  Training of specialists EQL «Junior specialist» SS NULES of Ukraine

«Boyarka college of ecology and natural resources» is realized for  specialties


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