Separated structural subdivision of NUBiP of Ukraine «Boyarka College of Ecology and Natural Resources»

Адреса: Boyarka-2, Kyiv region 08152 from Kyiv by bus number 303, 305 "Kyiv-Vasilkov" metro station Teremky to stop "Boyarka.

Тел.: (04498) 32-797, 32- 792, 32- 794, 32- 769

Електронна пошта: [email protected]


Kropyvko V. Sergei

PhD in Engineering, Associate Professor of the Department of Agricultural Machines Building of NUBiP of Ukraine author of 23 scientific works and 2 patented inventions in the sphere of harvesting and transport processes


      The history of Boyarka Agricultural Technical School starts from the 17-th of June 1902 on the basis of Beekeeping practical school’ thanks to the purposeful and persevering activity of the members of the beekeeping department, headed by Oleksiy Andriyashev. In July 1904 the school was transferred from Kiev to Boyarka. After Andriyashev’s death in 1907 Vasyl F. Vaschenko was elected as a curator of the school. On the 12-th of November 1909, on the second death anniversary of A. Andriyashev, the school was renamed into «Boyarka practical school of beekeeping, horticulture and gardening after O. Andriyashev».

      At the beginning of the 20-th the school was reorganized into special educational institution, which was renamed later into Agricultural technical school of beekeeping and silkworm breeding. The training of bee masters was conducted till 1952. From this year it began to train the agronomists of plant protection and agronomists of fruit and vegetables growing and the technical school was renamed into Boyarka Agricultural Technical School.

   In 1959 the Ukrainian republican agricultural technical school of correspondence study was transferred to its basis. Till 1997 the technical school was Ukrainian methodical center, which trained the junior specialists for agriculture on full-time basis. In this year it was renamed into Boyarka agricultural technical-school of NAU.

       In 2004 Boyarka Agricultural Technical School of National Agricultural University due to the Rector’s order № 360 of 16.07.2004 was reorganized into Boyarka College of Ecology and Natural Resources of National Agricultural University. According to the Order # 22 from 20.01.2005 the separated structural subdivision of NAU «Boyarka College of Ecology and Natural Resources of National Agricultural University» was created. 

      Pursuant to the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine dated October 30, 2008 № 945 "Issues of National Agricultural University" decree of the Rector of the University of renaming a separate unit of the National Agrarian University " Boyarsky College of Environment and Natural Resources" in separated unit of the National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine " Boyarsky College of Ecology and Natural Resources.

     Now Boyarka College of Ecology and Natural Resources is working closely with many businesses, organizations and institutions of Kyiv and other areas that are the basis for the practical training of students.


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