Faculty of Plant Protection, Biotechnology and Ecology

Training and educational activity

The organization continued integral learning process of training for degree system of educational levels "Junior specialist", "Bachelor", "Master" in the majors of "Agronomy" " Agronomy " (with signs of future specialty Agrochemistry and soil science), " Agronomy" (with signs of future specialty Horticulture and viticulture), "Biotechnology", "Ecology, environmental protection and balanced nature" and "Plant protection" provide 4 faculties: agrobiology, biotechnology, environment and sustainable development, plant protection.

Studies are carried out by full-time, correspondence and external type of studying on government order and the contract terms. Students graduated from schools of I and II levels of accreditation are able to attend the program with short term or external studies basis.
In general, the Institute coordinates over 2,000 students in five areas of training.

The main purpose of Faculties is to organize the educational process, which includes the modern capabilities of information technology training of NULES of Ukraine and other Ukrainian and foreign universities. The educational process is focused on the formation of knowledge and skills of masters that enable features such as: occupational mobility and adapting to market economy, constant updating of scientific knowledge about the environment and society, contribution into ecologically safe socio-economic development of the state (and its agricultural sphere) while developing and implementing of environmental innovations, using modern ecobiotechnologies, application of environmental management systems of environmental safety of agricultural products and raw materials.

The Education and Research Institute has a strong scientific and pedagogical potential of highly skilled workers including 40 doctors and professors, among them 20 academicians and corresponding members of NAS and NAAS of Ukraine, and 140 associate professors and candidates of sciences. Training is provided on the basis of university scientific and industrial laboratories both in the Kyiv territorial center and in the separated units.
Cultural awareness and educational work is carried out by academic group mentors as well as through special activities like amateur, creative evenings, intellectual games.


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