Faculty of Information Technologies

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Faculty of Information Technologies

Elena Glazunova

Ph.D. in pedagogics, professor 
Tel. 5278351

Natalya Klimenko

Ph.D. in economics, associate professor
Tel. 5278352

E-mail: [email protected]

Tatiana Biloochko 

Tel. 5278352

E-mai: [email protected]

Faculty of Computer Science and Economic Cybernetics was founded September  01, 2010. The Faculty prepares students of "Bachelor" level in two directions - "Economic Cybernetics", "Computer Science" and of "Master" level in the field of "Economic Cybernetics", "Information Control Systems and Technologies." In this way economical analytic capabilities are combined with the engineering, practice and technical approaches for solving professional tasks.  

Department of Economic Cybernetics


Department of Information and Distance Technologies


Department of Information Systems


Department of Computer Networks


Department of Computer Networks and Telecommunications



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