The study of human society through its culture is extremely important today, because today it became clear that only economic and political characteristics can not give a full understanding of social phenomena. Analysis of the spiritual values that prevail in a given society helps to identify not only the level and condition of its development, but also to understand why this or that society is living well, not otherwise.
   The peculiarity of cultural and educational work at the university is that it is a kind of compensation for lack of human knowledge, so necessary for the formation of the modern young person's aesthetic views and awareness of the importance of the spiritual sphere of social life. Understanding culture as a complex social phenomenon helps explain the many processes of spiritual and social life, allows you to organize, classify and organize a great variety of forms of human activity.
   Feature of culture is that it allows you to go deep into the realm of art, literature, spiritual values, to understand the national culture as a complex in which organically combines painting, poetry, music, choreography and other areas of creativity of our people, brings his deep comprehension of aesthetic passions and preferences.
   That is why aesthetic education, cultural and educational activities - are among the priorities of the university and includes the development of aesthetic feelings, tastes, opinions, formation of aesthetic attitude to reality, creative activity and through lectures, which include aesthetic origins, in the process of working groups, clubs, studios, student participation in amateur performances, theaters, exhibitions, museums, meetings with writers and art.
   The main organizer of the aesthetic education of the university youth is department of culture that ensures the development of creative abilities of students at a high organizational and professional level and operates under the directions of cultural studies and artistic creativity.
   Such prominent and well known personalities like poet-songwriter, honored artist, national artist of Ukraine Vadim Kryschenko, Honored Artist of Ukraine Natalia Shelepnytska, Honored Culture Workers of Ukraine Stanislav Semenovska, Eugen Donenko cherish and develop talented youth of the university.
Club of business woman "Harmony" became the form of self-organization of women that combines all subdivisions of NUBiP of Ukraine (chairman – T.F. Melnychuk). It is functioning at the Department of Culture since 2004. Its members - scientific-pedagogical employees, staff and students – are meeting with prominent people of Ukraine, attended the various presentations, and accomplished number of cultural intelligence in the cities of Ukraine.
   Every year at the university and its regional subdivisions many activities are carrying out. Series of events held in the university, are opening at the beginning of the school year by holiday "Day of Knowledge", in which first-year students are inducted in a solemn atmosphere.
During the festival young people have a chance to realize that they belong to a large community of students and teaching staff of NUBiP of Ukraine.
Besides of teaching staff, students and their parents, graduates of past years honored guests, prominent personalities of present, famous scientists, successful businessmen, farmers, representatives of Administration of President of Ukraine, Suprime Rada of Ukraine, Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, Ministry of Agricultural Policy and Food of Ukraine, Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport of Ukraine, Kyiv City Administration are presented on a holiday. On this day foreign guests come to the university, their amount every year becomes more and more, reflecting the growth of NUBiP of  Ukraine international image.
    With the first rays of spring sun the festival of amateur "Holosiivska Vesna" comes the university from year to year, already more than a quarter century, where talented youth demonstrating their skills in performing a variety of genres - song, poetry, instrumental music, humor, dance, crafts art and more. Festival winners are awarded by cash prizes and cups.

    High rating and popular is nationwide contest of amateur among agricultural educational institutions "Sofiivski Zori", where each year groups from NUBiP of Ukraine became winners in various categories.
Folk groups of the University has repeatedly represented the culture of Ukraine in the USA, Belgium, Denmark, Slovenia, Belarus and Russia. Representatives of artistic creation from other universities also often are guests of the university and its arts festivals and holidays.
   The university celebrates T.G. Shevchenko’s birthday, carrying out the evening of romance, lectures of classical music "Just about complicated", theatrical performances, evening of sport fame, celebrated Women's Day, Student Day, New Year, anniversaries prominent of historical figures, writers, poets of the Ukrainian people, days of graduating of young professionals and others. To promote harmony of Ukrainian girl, wife, mother and development of artistic and aesthetic tastes, creative abilities of youth has become a good tradition to hold the competition "Miss of NUBiP of Ukraine".
   Every year Victory Day in Great Patriotic War is celebrated. Memorial complex for students and professors, who died during Great Patriotic War, is a kind of altar, where every year the youth and scientific and pedagogical staff of NUBiP of Ukraine pay a tribute. During the rally-requiem in the memorial complex honored the memory of the victims and expressed gratitude to war veterans for their patriotism and heroism in the struggle for freedom of Ukraine.

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