Separated Subdivision NULESU «Bakhchisaray College of Construction, Architecture and Design»

Адреса: 98400, Bakhchysaray, Crimea, Radyanska str.,9.

Тел.: (06554) 4-06-06

Електронна пошта: [email protected]


Victor I. Verbytskyi

Teacher of the highest category, honored worker of the agricultural education of Ukraine

Bakhchysarai Construction Technical School is a higher educational establishment of the first accreditation level which provides educational activities associated with obtaining educational qualification of junior specialist in three specialties. It possesses an appropriate level of personnel and material and technical provision.

Technical school was founded in 1950 according to the Order of Central Administrative Board on Agricultural and Collective Farms Construction at the Council of Ministers of the RSFSR of 07.09.1950, №012 – 2460.

Since 1986 the Technical School has been subordinated to Derzhagroprom of Ukraine. 

In 1997 according to the Decree of  Cabinet of Ministers of  Ukraine №526 of 29.05.1997 “On Improving the network of higher and vocational educational institutions” technical school became a branch of the Crimean Agricultural College without legal status. 

July 16, 2002 according to the order of the Ministry of Agrarian Policy №198 the Branch of the College was joined the Crimean State Agricultural University.

In 2003 with the establishing the Crimean State Agrotechnological  University the branch  became its member.  

According to the Order of Cabinet of Ministers of July 28, 2004 №517 the  Southern Affiliate “Crimean Agrotechnological University“ of National Agricultural University was established and Bakhchisaray Branch became its part. 

According to the order of Rector of NAU #3 of 5.01.2005 Bakhchisaray Branch was reorganized into a separated subdivision of NAU “Bakhchisaray Construction Technical School”.

According to the Order of Rector of National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine №827 of 15.12.2008 “On renaming separated subdivisions of the University” the separated subdivision of NAU “Bakhchisaray Construction Technical School” was renamed into the separated subdivision of National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine “Bakhchisaray Construction Technical School”.

The Technical School deals with the training of specialists by education and qualifying level “Junior Specialist” on full-time and correspondence forms of study on following trends and specialties:
  •  5.06010101 Building and exploitation of buildings and constructions ( technician -constructor );
  • 5.06010113 Mounting, maintenance of equipment and systems of gas-supply ( technician on exploitation of gas object equipment);
  • 5.06010115 Equipment of buildings and constructions and Building design (technician-designer in construction);
  • 5.06010115 Architectural design and internal interior(technician-designer);
  • 5.09010303 Green construction and horticulture.(technician of landscape design);

The State order for 2011-2012 includes 103  full-time students and 20 students of correspondence form of study.

The educational establishment operates under the Laws  of Ukraine “On Education”, “On general secondary Education’’, “On Higher Education”, regulations of the Ministry Of Education and Science of Ukraine , Ministry of Agrarian Policy of Ukraine.

 Bakhchysarai Construction Technical School carries on activity on execution of Law of Ukraine “On Languages” as to office work, program, methodical and technical documentation, methodical provision and teaching.

There is a full time department and a correspondence department and there are three cyclic commissions in the structure of technical school.

There are 34 teachers on the staff which provide educational process.

According to the requirements of Bologna Process the technical school has a task to promote its status to level “college”. Since 2011-2012 academic year the technical school starts training specialists in the specialties:

  • 5.06010115 Architectural design and internal interior,
  • 5.09010303 Green construction and horticulture.

The Technical school is located on address:  9, Radyanska str., Bakhchisaray. The other part of the territory, workshops, student  are located: 15,  Komsomolziv pidpilnykiv str.

Educational and material resources of technical school are located in 2 study buildings, built on a model project in 1978 and 1984, and workshops. The total area is 6229,9 m2 and training area is 3446 m2.

Except of study buildings the complex includes a sport shooting gallery, camp facilities for pre-military training. The study workshops, hostel for students with a built boiler for solid fuel, a warehouse and a garage  are located in another territory.

In 2010 the technical school celebrated its 60th anniversary.  During this period about 7000 professionals have been trained which work in different places of Ukraine and abroad. 



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