Separated Subdivision of NULESU «Bobrovytsia College of Economics and Management named after O. Mainova»

Адреса: 17400 Bobrovytsya, Chernigiv region., Chernigiv st., 19

Тел.: (04632) 2-53-01, 2-53-02


Director of Separated Subdivision of NULESU «Bobrovytsia College of Economics and Management named after O. Mainova»:



Educational institution founded in 1891 as Mainivska agrarian school, was reorganized in 1920 into Mainivsky  technical school named after Timiriazev and in 1964 it was reorganized into a state-farm technical school.
In 2005 the technical school formed part  of the university as a separated  structural subdivision and was reorganized into a college. Since 2008 the college is the separated subdivision of NUB&N of Ukraine “Bobrovytsky college of economics and management named after  O.  Mainova”.
The scheme of college  organization includes 3 departments (economic, technological, tuition by correspondence).
Lecture-room fund per a student is 16.6 sq. m, the total number of  residence places amounts to 720. Nearly 830 students study at the college.
Educational and training  work is carried out by 43 teachers including 22 teachers of higher rank, 14 teachers – specialists in educational  methods, 2 candidates of science.
In 2008 SS NUB&N of Ukraine “Bobrovytsky education-consulting office” was opened on the basis of the college and training of  bachelors was started by tuition by correspondence according to directions: “Agronomy”, “Accounting and  auditing”, “Economics of Enterprise”, “Management”.
The college carries out training of younger specialists in accordance with  specialities: “Production and processing of plant products”, “Production and processing of livestock products”, “Accounting”, “Economics of enterprise”, “Finance and credit”, “Organization of production”.
Address of the college:
Bobrovytsia 17400
19 Chernihivska St.
tel.: (04632) 2-53-04,
fax: (04632) 2-53-02
e-mail: [email protected]



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