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Business woman club "Nizhynka"

I chose the fate myself. Whatever happens to me, I have no complaints to my fate, my minion. Lina Kostenko

Their fates women teachers of Nizhyn agrotechnical institute linked to the activities of the business woman club "Nizhynka" which will celebrate its first significant date - the fifth anniversary of the founding this year.
Representation of the club was held at the National University of Life and Environent of Ukraine at a meeting of the club "Harmony".
And we came with a beautiful korovay, which has the emblem of the club "Harmony" as gratitude for the opportunity for us to be involved in making the history of women's movement in Ukraine at the beginning of the XXI century.
     Activities of the business woman club "Nizhynka" - are:
  • raise the scientific level of students, active involvement in research activities, conferences, competitions, contests;
  • bringing-up of students in the national consciousness and pride in their own people, the desire to know the history of the state and native land;
  • desire to teach our students a great love to their native land - blessed Chernihiv land, its past and present;
  • high culture of communion with nature - sports as an integral part of general cultural rights;
  • training capacity for self-improvement, self-contol, creative self-perfection of Nizhyn agrotechnical institute women teachers.
Annual scientific-practical conferences became obligatory. Their main themes are the problem of gender equality in Ukraine, women teachers mission to revive the historical and cultural traditions of the Ukrainian people, the contribution of women to the development of national science.
Women business club "Nizhynka" held a lot of tours in museums, historical and cultural reserves, the last of them - to Caniv, Shevchenko's sanctuary, and to gray Novhorod-Siverskiy. We initiated a number of memorable dates in the history of the state, organized review of performances in Nizhyn Drama Theatre after M. Kotsyubinskiy during the annual festival of women's creativity after Maria Zankovetska.
We admire flowers, we work in our gardens, happy to care about teaching and research and production division, which try to make clean, cozy, bloomy.
In the sports forum and on the occasion of International Day for students at the institute a scheduled friendly match is held between women's volleyball teams of student council and the administration of the institute.
The value of our Women's Club can not be overemphasized. Our activities speak insead of us.

And the most important, in our opinion, is the role of the club "Nizhynka" in the creation of the individual of woman teacher in moral support, in an effort to understand their place in the ability to help occupy their places in the continual improvement and our creative self-realization.

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