Department of Integrated Protection and Plant Quarantine

Address: 03041, Kyiv, str. Heroes Oborony, 13, Educational Building 4, Room 39a.

Tel.: (044) 527-88-63; 527-82-12

Head of the Department:
Zherebko Vladimir Mikhailovich


 The department provides theoretical and practical training of students in the disciplines: for bachelors - fitofarmakolohiya (chemical plant protection), biological plant protection, fitofarmakolohiya (for students Agrobiological faculty), integrated plant protection, agricultural zoology (harmful nematodes, mites, rodents), fitontsydolohiya, fitsanitarnyy monitoring, basic plant quarantine, phytosanitary right methods inspection and quarantine examination disinfection products, external and internal quarantine, quarantine scientific foundations, labor protection to protect plants, biological protection of plants from pests, beneficial insects biotechnology in plant protection, the theoretical foundations biomethods, bases biomethods, fitomolyuskolohiya, fitoptaholohiya, for the masters - integrated plant protection, genetic method to protect plants epizootics pests, phytosanitary monitoring, ecology, insects, ecotoxicology pesticide monitoring nematodes, mites, rodents, monitoring quarantine weeds, pests and diseases of plants of Ukraine.

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