Department of Breeding and Genetics

Address: 03041, Kyiv, 13 Heroiiv Oborony Str., building № 4, office. 55.

Tel.: (044) 527-83-26

E-mail: [email protected]

Head of the Department :
Parii Myroslav Fedorovych

candidate of biology


 Department was reorganized based on the decision of the Academic Council of the University from 31.05.2011 (protocol number 10) by the order of the Rector from June 20, 2011 № 546.

Professor V. Kolkunov began reading course on plant breeding in the general farming department of agricultural section of KPI in 1912. As an independent chair breeding and seed department was officially established in 1936 and headed by doctor of agricultural science, Professor V.M. Liebiediev - famous geneticist and breeder and fellow-soldier of M.I. Vavilov. Developing of Scientific School of Professor V. Liebiediev was associated with cytological genetics and plant breeding studies of distant hybridization.
Since 1948 the department was headed by Ph.D. Associate Professor P.F. Plesetskyi. In 1949. Department was attached to the Department of Plant Physiology and Microbiology, which was headed by professor F.I.Zavhorodnii.
In 1952, the department of selection and seed was headed by Honored high school worker, doctor of agricultural sciences, Professor M.O. Zelenskyi, author of more than 100 scientific and methodological developments in the sphere of plant breeding and seed production of agriculture. During 1987 and 1993 the department was headed by professor, candidate of agricultural sciences A.K. Parkhomenko, and since 1993 by Sc.D., Professor L.K. Taranenko. From January 1998 to 2000 the Department was headed by Sc.D. T.V. Chuhunkova. In 1998, the department of selection was merged with the Department of Plant Physiology, and since January 2001 it became independent again.
At various times, different famous professors worked at the department: member of Academy of Agricultural Sciences Kuzmenko M.V. (1981-1986 years), prof. Hubernator V. (1968-1998 years), and prof. Bober A.F (1994-1997).
Since October 2000, the department was headed by Candidate of Agricultural Sciences, an overachiever of education of Ukraine, Professor V.L. Zhemoida. Author of over 100 scientific papers and co-author of 9 hybrids and varieties of maize, winter wheat and rye.
In 2011, the department was reorganized and today it is called "Breeding and genetics." Since 2011 a new stage with attraction of modern methods of molecular genetics and biotechnology to the training and research work of the department, has begun.
The main areas of research of chair scientists is the application of genetics, plant breeding and seed production techniques and the creation of highly productive varieties and hybrids of agricultural highly- heterized cultures.
The department conducts training EQL "Bachelor" and "Master" in direction "Agriculture" in the specialty of "Agriculture" and "Breeding and Genetics", with specializations "Selection and Genetics", "Studying of breed and protection of plant variety rights" and "Selection and Seed".

Currently, the teaching and research work carried out at the Department is done by Acting Head of Breeding and genetics chair Parii M.F., doctors of agricultural sciences, professors Volkodav V.V., V.V. Skorik, candidate of agricultural sciences, an overachiever of education of Ukraine, professor V.L. Zhemoida, candidate of biology, an overachiever of education of Ukraine Bashkirova N.V., candidate of biology Dupliak O.T., candidate of agricultural sciences Makarchuk O.S., candidate of agricultural sciences s, assistant Koriagin O.M. candidate of biology, senior lecturer Sytnyk K.S.



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