Department of Organic, Physical and Colloid Chemistry and Chemistry of Pesticides

Educational activities

Department provides training of students for bachelor level of qualification under the following educational programmes:

  • 6.090101 Agronomy
  • 6.090102 Technologies for Manufacturing and Processing of Animal Products
  • 6.090105 Plant Protection;
  • 6.090201 Aquaresources and Aquaculture
  • 6.110101 Veterinary Medicine
  • 6.051801 Woodworking Technologies
  • 6.051701 Food Technologies and Engineering
  • 6.051401 Biotechnology
  • 6.040106 Ecology, Environment Protection and Balanced Nature Management ,

Department provides teaching of:

  • organic chemistry;
  • organic and bioorganic chemistry;
  • physical and colloid chemistry;
  • chemistry of high molecular compounds;
  • chemistry

at the following faculties:

  • Agribiological Faculty;
  • Faculty of Biotechnology;
  • Faculty of Ecology and Sustainable Development;
  • Plant Protection Faculty;
  • Veterinary Medicine Faculty;
  • Forestry Faculty;
  • Fish-farming Faculty;
  • Faculty of Technologies for Manufacturing and Processing of Animal Products

Organic chemistry and organic and bioorganic chemistry are delivered in English to students of Ecology and Sustainable Development Faculty, Veterinary Medicine Faculty, Agribiological Faculty and Plant Protection Faculty.
The educational process takes place in the following attested laboratories:

  • Laboratory of organic chemistry, room 35, build. 2
  • Laboratory of physical and colloid chemistry, room 51, build. 2
  • Laboratory of physico-chemical methods of analysis, room 54, build. 2

These premises are fully equipped by facilities necessary for carrying out the chemical laboratory works.
Department holds classes for extra-mural students of the University of Life and Environment Sciences of Ukraine in the following regional educational institutions:

  • Bobrovitsy НІКП (agribiology faculty, subject: chemistry);
  • Mukachevo НІКП (agribiology faculty, subject: chemistry).
  • Malin НІКП (agribiology faculty, subjects: organic
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