Learning mobilities with Partner Countries are financed from sources different than mobilities between Programme Countries, so interested universities have to submit a separate application. The rules of the call for applications are different than in case of mobility between Programme Countries.

Mobility projects can include cooperation with one or more Partner Countries.

The exchange project with Partner Countries may include following types of mobility: 

  • Arrivals / departures of students for study abroad at partner university; 
  • Arrivals / departures of staff for teaching mobility at partner universities; 
  • Arrivals / departures of staff for training purposes.



Individual beneficiaries (students and university staff) are applying for grants at their alma mater. 

An overview of funding ruler/grant support can be found HERE.

Students and staff arriving to the Slovak University of Agriculture in Nitra from universities in Partner Countries receive grants (scholarship) from the receiving institution within the framework of the financial agreement that this institution will sign with the National Agency.

Within the project KA107 in 2015 the SUA in Nitra received funding for 2 types of mobilities: 

  • in case of student mobilities for studies the eligible terms are winter and summer semester 2016/2017 
  • in case of staff mobilities for teaching / training they need to be realised 31 May 2017 at latest.


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