Department of Landscape Ecology and Protected Areas

Educational work

The Department provides 27 courses for students majoring 6.040106 "Ecology and Environment": General Ecology, Landscape Ecology, Safety, Forestry and ahrolisovi landscapes, Hydrology, Soil Science, Technical Ecology, Meteorology and Climatology, Environmental Safety, Chemistry (Physical and Colloid) , Health, Economics, Law, Environmental audit and inspection, Human Ecology, Agroecology (ecology agrosphere) Health and protection of natural resources, Impacts on the environment, Ecological Agriculture, Agrochemicals, Physical education, environmental auditing, environmental management security Land Reclamation, Natural Resources of Ukraine, Environmental livestock, Quality Management c / d production, soil quality monitoring and appraisal.
The Department conducts practical training for students in basic farm NUBiP Ukraine - NDH "Velykosnitynske" them. O. Muzychenko, VP NUBiP Ukraine "Agronomicheskaya Research Station", NSC biology subtropical plants and landscape ecology within Sun BS UAAS ARC of subjects: general ecology, soil science, ecology agrosphere landscape ecology, meteorology and climatology.


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