Department of Greenhouses

Address: 03041, Kyiv, st. Geroyiv Oboroni, 13, educational building №4, room. 32.

Tel.: (044) 527-80-67

E-mail: [email protected]

Нead of the Greenhouses Department:
Prilipka Oleksiy Vasiliyovich

Hero of Ukraine, doctor of economic sciences, professor, laureate of The state reward in branch of science and technique


Greenhouses department is the single department similar profile in Ukraine. It was founded in 1999 in cooperation of National university of life and environmental science of Ukraine and Scientific-research production agriculture enterprise “Pustcha-Vodithsa”. Object of department activity – precondition’s creation for protected cultivation branch development in Ukraine by training highly qualified specialist, and treatment highly effective technology of greenhouses cultures growing. Basic target of department is completion educational, scientific, consultation function in the area of protected cultivation.
During department’s existence time have been graduate near 50 specialists and masters for protected cultivation branch. Today, they work in many greenhouses and mushroom complexes of Ukraine. Huge quantity of scientific and methodological literature in area of protected cultivation technologies, which used for education in all institutes and colleges of Ukraine have been published by department’s personnel. The main directions of department’s scientific work: improving of plants, mushrooms and flower growing technologies in greenhouses condition, selection and seeds production of sorts and hybrids the main important culture in greenhouses, creation of new energy-efficient technologies.
From foundation moment to this time the head of greenhouses department – Prilipka Oleksiy Vasiliyovich, Hero of Ukraine, doctor of economic sciences, professor.
Today, in department works: academician NААS, professor Kravchenko V.А, senior lectures Tsyz О.М., Sleptsov Y.V., Shemetun О.V., assistant Gavris I.L.,. laboratory assistant Giptenko N.M.




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