Department of Storage, processing and plant production

Scientific work

 Research conducted in the fields of:

• improving technology postharvest handling, storage and processing of grain, fruits and berries, potato, vegetables, flax, hop of material, raw sugar;
• examine the impact of cultivation and farming climatic conditions on quality and keeping quality of potato tubers, fruits, vegetables, crops and industrial crops;
• improvement of technological methods of processing fruits, berries and vegetables to obtain foods high biological value;
• improving post harvest handling technologies herbal Stevie;
• improving the modes and methods of storing seeds Stevie;
• development of energy-saving and environmentally friendly technologies of crop production using biological catalysts;
• investigation of suitability of new varieties of vegetables for long-term storage, drying, salting and freezing;
• study impact of supply vegetables to the quality of fresh and processed products;
• harmonization of standards on methods of quality grain, grain products and food concentrates;
• study of changes in the quality of grain (seed) recognized varieties of wheat, rye, triticale, canola, cereals during long-term storage;
• technology of recycling industrial crops.
These studies are actively involved students. research findings are the basis for the preparation of undergraduate and master's works are used in scientific publications, reports at scientific conferences held in Ukraine and abroad.
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