Department of Storage, processing and plant production

Educational work

Educational work at the department aims at training highly qualified specialists in the field of storage and processing of crop production.
The department conducts training activities for degree system: Bachelor and Master.
Specializations on EQL "Bachelor", "Agronomy”, "Plant Protection", "Economy and Business", "Management", "Agricultural mechanization production", "Automation and Computer Integrated Technologies".
For EQL "Bachelor" such disciplines as:
• "Storage technology and vegetables";
• "Storage, processing and standardization of plant products";
• "Fundamentals of commodity crop production";
• "Standardization and quality control of crop production";
• "Technology of production, storage and processing of crop production."
The department has developed and mastered many new disciplines that are taught by  masters at these master's programs including standard designed to prepare students EQL "Master" specialty "Technology of storage and handling of crop production":
"Transporting, storing and processing plant products":
- "Post harvest handling, storage and transport of plant products";
- "Commodity crop production";
- "Chemical Control of crop production";
- "Standardization and certification of processed products of plant materials";
- "Processing of grain and industrial raw materials";
- "Processing of fruits and vegetables";
- "Material and technical base for the storage and processing of crop production";
"The quality of crop production depending on factors postharvest handling, storage and processing":
- "Research methods in storage and vegetables";
- "Biochemical changes in crop production in storage";
- "The science behind technology postharvest handling, storage and transport of plant products";
- "Commodity raw and processed plant products";
- "Technical biochemistry";
- "Processing plant products";
- "Quality management and certification of crop production."
"Standardized processing, and storage of vegetable and fruit crops":
- "Biochemistry of fruits, vegetables, grapes";
- "Post harvest handling, storage and transportation of fruits and vegetables";
- "Technology of vegetables";
"Standardization, certification and commodity processed fruits and vegetables":
The department taught subjects for Masters:
- specialty "Government service":
- "Modern storage technology and Vegetables" in "Pedagogy of Higher Education":
- "Technology of storage and processing of fruits, vegetables and grapes."
During the learning process much emphasis on the use of lectures, laboratory and practical exercises technical training and the introduction of new techniques and methodological approaches for studying   subjects taught at the department.
Laboratory and practical classes conducted at the university laboratories, "Storing, processing and evaluation of crop production," "Technology and techno chemical crop-growing control products."
Educational and industrial practice is in ERRWL "Processed products of crop growing" and ERL "Fruit and vegetables", "Processing plant production" mill "and so on.
Under the supervision of the department prepare students for receipt of final qualification levels "Bachelor" and "Master".
Students of the department are involved in research work and its results appear at scientific conferences.
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