Department of General Chemistry

Scientific and innovation activity

Research at the department is carried out according to the 4 application initiative subjects registered in UkrISTEI:

1.Development of combined methods of protecting metals from corrosion (scientific adviser Candidite of chemical sciences N.V. Solod);
2.Analysis of the efficiency of carbon sorbents in purification of surface water from organic matters (scientific adviser Associate prof. O.D. Kochkodan);
3.Fullerenes as inhibitors of organic compound oxidation (scientific adviser  Candidite of chemical sciences R.S. Zhyla).
4. Toxocity assesment of metals nanoparticles using bioassay (scientific adviser asisstant Olha O. Kravchenko)
The results of  scientific research  in 2013-2015:
● 16 new chemical compounds were synthesized and investigated ;
● the staff published:
    - 87 scientific articles;
    - 92 abstracts
prof. N. Antraptseva,
Assoc. prof. O. Kochkodan,
Assoc. prof. N. Solod,
senior. lect. R. Zhyla,
senior lect. Olga O.Kravchenko
●  scientific and methodological recommendations "Purposeful synthesis of anhydrous solid solutions of divalent metals mono-  and polyphosphates with given composition and properties".
For the last 3 years the researchers received 17 patents of Ukraine.
The department staff participated in more than 40 international and national conferences with more than 120 reports.
Scientific and research activity of students
There are 5 student research groups:
● Green chemistry (supervisor: senior lecturer N.V. Solod)
● Problems of Corrosion (supervisor senior lecturer R.S. Zhyla)
● Clean Water (supervisor Assoc. prof O.D. Kochkodan)
● Electrochemical systems (supervisor senior lecturer R.S. Zhyla)
● Food Additives "For" and "Against" (superviser assistant O.O. Kravchenko)
Student research includes writing abstracts and carrying out experiments.
The research activities involving students in 2013-2015 :
● 12 scientific articles and 56 abstracts.
●  11 patents of Ukraine for utility model
●  116 scientific reports at international, national and university conferences.
In 2013 the student of the Faculty of Park and Gardening Management and Landscape Architecture A. Turko received the diploma of the third degree in the national competition of student research in natural and technical sciences and the humanities in the field "Chemical Sciences" (supervisor Prof. N.M. Antraptseva).
Innovation activity
  - scientific and methodical recommendations "purposeful synthesis of new phosphates with micro elements;
  - specifications for the production and use of two new mineral feed additives for farm animals.
The staff  tested the practical relevance and effectiveness of the first synthesized and 36 investigated solid solutions and 38 hydrated phosphates of anhydrous divalent metals  in experimental working conditions as:
  - Preparations for treatment of seeds of pine and spruce trees;
  - Organic fertilizer with trace elements for growing seedlings of western arborvitae;
  - Preparations for growing oak silkworm;
  - New mineral feed additives for cattle.
The achievements of scientists are exhibited at the permanent exhibition of scientific developments of NULES of Ukraine and the International Agricultural Exhibitions "Agro" and are awarded with diplomas.
 the Department of General Chemistry provides services :
  ● synthesis, transfer of technology of double mono-and polyphosphates with a set of specific micronutrient content and solubility.
  ●   recommendations on the use of double phosphates and polyphosphates trace elements as:
     - highly regulated content of micronutrients and trace elements solubility;
     - nutrient solutions for growing vegetables in terms of open and under glass soil;
     - mineral food additives with trace elements;
     - fungicides for pre-treatment of seeds;
     - protection against corrosion.



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