Department of General Chemistry

Educational work

The department provides training
for bachelor students in the following directions:
    - Forestry, park and gardening and landscape architecture
    - Wood processing technologies
    - Technology of production and processing of livestock products ;
    - Food Technology and Engineering
    - Water Bioresources and aquaculture
    - Processes, machines and equipment of agroindustrial production
    - Mechanical Engineering
    - Automation and Computer Integrated Technologies
    - Power engineering
    - Energetics and electrical systems in agriculture
    - Transport Technologies (by types of vehicles)
    - Construction
for specialists in the following directions:
    - Forestry
    - Park and gardening and landscape architecture.
The department provides training for  part-time students of NULES of Ukraine in regional institutions:
    - SS NULES of Ukraine "Lubny EICC"
    - SS NULES of Ukraine "Malyn EICC"
    - SS NULES of Ukraine "Tarashcha EICC"
    - SS NULES of Ukraine "Nemishaievo Agricultural College»
The main objective of the department is to constantly improve teaching skills,  methods and approach to training students.
The department focuses on:
  • improving module-rating system of training and knowledge assessment;
  • analysis of syllabus of courses in order to enhance interdisciplinary links, to tailor profile courses for future students of the specialty;
  •  introduction of independent work, problem-method and other advanced methods to enhance the learning process;
  • updating lecture demonstration experiment, use of visual materials and teaching aids;
  • working on the convergence program of analytical chemistry course for students in the direction "Food Technology and Engineering" in the course of physical and chemical methods for the analysis of raw materials and finished products.
enhancing the learning process, motivating students and providing quality education.
  • introducing  computer simulators of General and Inorganic Chemistry into the learning process;
  • developing quality tests in the learning process as a diagnostic tool to determine the level of acquired knowledge (test quizzes and exams).


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